Specialty Programs

  • Orthopedic Rehab Excel Physical Therapy
    Orthopedic Rehab
    Excel Physical Therapy clinicians are highly skilled in treating all musculoskeletal orthopedic injuries. These include treatment of muscle, joint and ligament injuries. Common injuries include sprains and strains of the spine both neck and back as well as the extremities. we also treat Sports injuries, disc injuries as well as fractures and post surgical repairs.

    Excel physical therapists will perform a comprehensive evaluation to diagnose your injury and develop an appropriate treatment plan to promote a timely recovery. Excel therapists pride themselves in being manual therapists, which means they provide one on one care utilizing their hands as a primary treatment modality. This includes joint mobilization techniques, myofascial release techniques and Graston techniques. (Graston technique is an instrument assisted manual technique).

    All of these techniques are utilized with the goal of restoring joint mobility and function. Your therapist will then develop an individualized strengthening program to address your specific needs and restore function.
  • Adolescent Athletes Excel Physical Therapy
    For Our Adolescent Athlete
    Our children are participating in competitive sports at a much younger age. They require a unique treatment approach specific to their age and physical development. Excel therapists work with the community, schools and YMCA's to educate coaches in ways that they may decrease the risk of injury to these young athletes. Education is a key element in the rehabilitation of this population. Excel therapists will develop sport specific exercises that will restore flexibility and strength as well as improve performance.

    Excel therapists also develop training programs for non- injured athletes. The young athlete must develop a variety of motor skills in order to achieve future athletic success and injury prevention. The therapist will develop coordination patterns through exercise that eventually are incorporated into sport specific training programs.

    Customized conditioning programs are offered both during the season as well as in the off season. Keeping our young athletes conditioned for their sport allows more playing and fewer injuries.
  • Older Patient Excel Physical Therapy
    Fifty Plus...When our bodies begin to let us down!
    Meeting the needs of our growing older population requires an extensive physical therapy evaluation to address pain, muscle imbalances, joint restrictions and loss of function. Treatments are tailored to the specific needs of this population. The therapist must consider other health issues that may slow the healing process or complicate the patient's tolerance to the treatment progression.

    Treatments are progressed in a safe manner with frequent reassessments to be sure that your pain is decreasing and that your expectations regarding your care are being met.

    We believe that educating our patient's is important and we take the time to explain your condition and the ways that therapy may benefit you. Our friendly professional atmosphere provides an environment that is comfortable to those who have never exercised before.
  • Older Patient Excel Physical Therapy
    The Fit Center
    "The fit center" is a program designed to transition the patient on to a life long journey of exercise success. Upon discharge from physical therapy, you are eligible to enroll in the fit center program. In this program you can utilize our gym 6 days a week during office hours. This will allow you to continue to exercise on equipment that you have become familiar using during your therapy sessions.

    Your therapist will develop a strength progression for you that will incorporate 2-3 different workouts to provide variety during the week. Our therapy staff is onsite while you exercise and can assist you if you have questions regarding your workout. Your therapist will continue to progress your program as your strength improves.

    Development and progression of your workouts are complimentary for all patients in the program. Our goal is to keep you exercising and healthy.
  • Vertigo Therapy Excel Physical Therapy
    Vestibular Therapy
    Vertigo is a type of dizziness, a sense that you or your surroundings are moving or spinning, even though there is no movement. There are different causes of vertigo based on whether the cause is peripheral or central. The most common diagnosis of dizziness is known as benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, BPPV, a problem in the inner ear.

    Symptoms are triggered by specific changes in head positions, usually rolling or getting out of bed. Small crystals or stones found normally within the inner ear can become displaced causing a dizzy sensation. The most effective treatment includes a repositioning maneuver, the Epley maneuver, and can be treated by our specialists at Excel Physical Therapy.

    Most patients with positional vertigo can find substantial relief with treatment. It has been suggested that the Epley maneuver in cases of BPPV can beenfit as many as 90% of affected patients. BPPV can be diagnosed and treated successfully to improve your quality of life.
  • Fall Prevention Excel Physical Therapy
    Fall Prevention
    Research shows that seniors who are less physically active are more likely to fall because they lack the strength, flexibility and balance needed to resist falls. Normal changes of aging, like impaired vision and medication use, can make you more at risk of falling.

    Fear of falling doesn't need to rule your life. Improving your safety is our goal. Excel provides a comprehensible program to help identify those at risk of falling and develop a treatment program that is specific to the needs of the individual. Our program includes a detailed evaluation, standardized tests, as well as functional and orthopedic assessment to identify problems that determine your risk factors.

    If you're like many people, you'll discover it only takes a few weeks to benefit from exercise - more strength, improved balance, higher energy, and a feeling of well-being that makes it all worth the modest effort. Reducing your risk of falling is a step towards leading a safe and secure life - and even if you start by taking only a few steps every day.
  • Golf Fitness Excel Physical Therpay
    Golf Fitness
    Excel physical therapy has therapists who are certified by the Titiliest Performance Institute ( TPI) as Golf Fitness experts. Golf fitness experts are educated in the musculoskeletal system and the biomechanics involved in the golf swing. TPI believes that there are many ways to swing a golf club but each swing depends on the individual's physical capabilities.

    To achieve an efficient swing the golfer must first be screened. This screening involves an assessment of the golfer's swing mechanics, physical fitness, movement quality and current health history.

    This screening is then used to create a unique fitness training plan for that golfer. Improvements in swing mechanics are directly linked to flexibility and overall fitness. Excel therapists will develop a fitness program that specifically meets your needs.

    Fees for golf fitness training are generally not covered by insurance plans.
  • Personal Training Excel Physical Therpay
    Personal Training
    Be fit for life. Our Excel therapists will design personalized fitness programs that can benefit the novice to the advanced athlete. All of our therapists are exercise specialists with advanced degrees in our field including strength and conditioning certifications. These programs can be tailored to your specific sport or your gym facility.

    Programs can also be designed for patient's that wish to continue to exercise at home. Each program is individually developed with the client's goals in mind.